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Introducing: A faster, more stable app
May 18, 2023

In recent months, more people have joined Visible than we could have expected (25,000 and counting!). This is a great step forward in our mission to make invisible illness visible, but it does mean that our app has been under some strain…

When we first started building Visible, we prioritised building new features over fixing bugs and improving performance. However, this has started to impact usability in recent weeks. To address this, we have spent some time on a major behind-the-scenes update which that will significantly improve your experience with Visible.

What’s new this week?

Lightning fast performance

Over the past few weeks as more users joined Visible, we noticed that the app was becoming a little sluggish. This is something we were really keen to fix, and I’m pleased to say we’ve made some big progress!

Visible now holds your data first and foremost on your mobile device, with backups being sent to our database automatically throughout the day. This makes nearly all interactions with the app faster than ever before, as you don’t need to rely on a continuous internet connection to use Visible.

Improved reliability

The other huge benefit to our mobile-first approach, alongside increased speed, is that the app is now much more stable. As the app no longer has to rely on retrieving data from our database, you should see many fewer network errors or glitches as you use Visible.

What’s next?

While app performance and stability have been our top focus for the past few weeks, we’re returning to our priorities set out in our last blog post, including:

Improved Morning Stability algorithm

In the last blog post, I wrote about how we interpret very high HRV values and very low resting heart rate values. In the next app update, we’ll be introducing a new version of the Morning Stability algorithm with an improved method for interpreting these values.

All-new in-app studies

We’re still waiting on final approval from various academic partners’ review boards to allow you to opt-in to share your data with researchers around the world. This will come with a big update to the community tab.

Anything else?

We’ve also invited our first few users to join our Early Access Program for Visible Plus, which enables all-day pacing with a wearable device. If you’re interested in getting early access, make sure you are signed up to the waitlist, which you can access from our website.

Your support

Finally, thank you so much for all the messages and feedback we continue to receive. We listen to every bit of feedback, so please keep your thoughts coming. We’ll always respond.




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