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Introducing: David Putrino’s Research Study
November 27, 2023

Today, Visible is launching a research collaboration with neuroscientist David Putrino, Director of Rehabilitation Innovation for Mount Sinai Health System in New York.

David has emerged out of the pandemic as one of the leading patient advocates and researchers on Long Covid and ME. He and his team have been relentless in pursuing answers for people with complex chronic illness.

Launching a new in-app research study

From today, you can opt-in to share your anonymized data directly with David and his data science team via just a few taps of a button. There’s no need to attend any research in person, simply enroll via the app and continue tracking your illness as normal.

By opting in, your data can be used to generate population-level insights into Long Covid and ME.

The study is hosted in our community section of the Visible app and follows similar studies we launched in July with Dr Viki Male and Christian Morgenstern, researchers at Imperial College London.

Visible has built a vast and growing dataset

With over 58 million data points and more than 40,000 people using the Visible platform, Visible has become the largest dataset in the world on biometrics, symptoms and interventions for Long Covid and ME/CFS.

With this, we have an incredible opportunity to find patterns, insights and new treatment areas in these conditions.

The relationship between biometrics and symptoms

The research team are particularly interested in the relationship between biometrics, like Heart Rate Variability, and symptoms.

Many people with complex chronic illness have spotted patterns between their biometrics and their illness, and early research has hinted at this too.

One small study showed fatigue inversely correlated with HRV in people ME/CFS and another study found HRV to be lower in people with Long Covid.

David’s research aims to use a significantly larger dataset to provide new, and statistically significant findings that could change how we support, treat and manage these conditions.

Be part of the research and contribute your data anonymously

If you have a complex chronic illness like ME or Long Covid, you can get involved today.

Download the app, enroll in the study and start making your illness visible.

Bringing Visible together with David and his team is a big step forward in our mission to increase our understanding of these complex chronic illnesses.

We hope you’ll join us in moving the research forwards.



Note: We never share your data without your permission, which is why you need to enroll in studies to be able to share your data with researchers. Any shared data is always anonymized, your data can never be linked back to you. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to the team in the Help and Feedback section, we'll always respond!

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