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The Founding 100
September 9, 2022

Over half of the team at Visible have an invisible illness.

We know that people with chronic conditions are the experts in their conditions. That’s why we want to involve as many people as possible in building Visible.

When we first launched the Visible website back in November, we had over 3,000 people sign up to register their interest.

72% of people who signed up to our waitlist said that they wanted ‘to help shape and advise the Visible platform’.

So earlier this year we asked the first 100 people who joined our waitlist if they wanted to be part of our “Founding 100”. Working closely with the Visible team via a Facebook group, the Founding 100 have been helping to:

  • Test the latest features by using our beta app (including finding and reporting bugs)
  • Build the Visible brand by giving feedback on things like our app screen designs and website
  • Provide advice on our roadmap by requesting and upvoting the most important features.

In return, the Founding 100 will get access to our beta app and a year’s free membership to Visible's wearable subscription, when it launches.

We’re really excited to work with this group, and we think it’ll help build the most useful tracking platform possible for what are very diverse illnesses.

We can only manage 100 people so far, but as the Visible team grows, we’re really keen to expand this too, so make sure you’re signed up to our waitlist for when the time comes.

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