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Week 12: New beta app update
February 27, 2023

This week we welcomed our 20,000th member to the Visible community. This is a huge milestone, so thank you if you’ve been sharing Visible and our mission on social media or with friends and family.

We’re continuing to collect more and more data on Long Covid and ME/CFS, and we have lots of updates in the works to help us improve our algorithms and build out our research capabilities and partnerships.

While this is happening in the background, we want to make sure the app is continuously improving, so this week we have a new app update out with a few small, but impactful changes.

What’s new this week?

Darker check-in screens

Were you being blinded by the morning check-in every time you woke up? Us too (sorry!).

The morning and evening check-ins are now the same dark colour as the rest of the app. This will make it easier to navigate between screens, particularly if you have light sensitivity.

We aim to move the rest of the screens to this darker color over the coming months too. Thank you to everyone who messaged us about this!

Better morning check-in support for Android devices

In the last two app updates, we’ve fixed a few issues with taking morning readings that were affecting specific Android devices. We’re continuing to work on improving this, if you’re still having issues, let us know via the ‘Help and Feedback’ section.

What next for the Morning Check-in?

Personalised “normal ranges” for the Morning Stability score

In the last blog post I wrote about personalised “normal ranges”, we’re now testing an updated version of theMorning Stability score that uses these personalised ranges based on your Coefficient of Variation.

We’re seeing a sizeable improvement in the personalisation of the score and we’re excited to roll out this improvement in the coming weeks.

Longer baseline for the Morning Stability score

The Visible app has been in Open Beta for 3 months now. As our dataset grows, we’re able to look back further in time to see patterns in these conditions. We’re now able to extend the Morning Stability baseline from weeks to months, and we’ll be updating the algorithm soon to be able to do this.

Anything else?

We’re still finalising multiple research partnerships. Soon you'll be able to opt-in to share your data directly and anonymously with academics around the world.

We’ve also invited our first few members to join our Early Access Program for Visible Plus, our wearable subscription. If you’re interested in getting early access, make sure you are signed up to the waitlist, which you can access from inside the Visible app.

Your support

Finally, thank you so much for all the support we continue to receive. We listen to every bit of feedback, so please keep your messages coming. We’ll always respond.




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