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Introducing: Medication tracking
December 23, 2022

At Visible, we talk a lot about the importance of rest and pacing. That’s why, as a team, we’ll be taking some time away from work this holiday period, to focus on rest and recovery. But before we take a break we’re making some more changes to the beta app.

In this week’s app update

Basic medication tracking

Many people have requested the ability to track medication in Visible, so we're now adding this feature in the latest update.

We've designed this to be straightforward. For instance, we don't have options to record dosages, frequency, or set medication reminders. If you choose to track your medication in Visible, we'll simply ask in the evening check-in whether you took that particular medication today (yes or no).

We believe that keeping things simple will help you to see trends in your data and the impact of different factors on your health and energy levels over weeks and months.

For those of you who opt-in, this data will also be essential for research. By looking at population-level data, we may be able to identify which medications or interventions can reliably cause positive (or negative) trends in health across large groups of people with Long Covid and ME/CFS.

You can track a new medication by updating your app to the latest version and going to Profile > Your trackers > Other factors

Other small improvements

A massive thank you to everyone who has continued to send us feedback over the last week. Whether it’s adding autocorrect to notes, fixing connection issues or viewing notes in the Trends tab, we’ve made a bunch of improvements we hope will make Visible easier to use.

What’s coming in January

Improved camera heart rate reading

For some people, especially those with newer Android phones, the morning check-in has been unreliable. For example, the reading may not start at all or return a poor-quality result. In other cases, the flash gets too warm during the reading.

We’ve been working hard on improving things and will have an update ready soon. We massively appreciate your patience if you’re one of the people affected.

An updated Morning Pace score

The Morning Pace score is still in its early stages and we've received lots of feedback about it.

In January, we're making a big change to how it's calculated. To do this, we've studied more than 1 million pieces of data and listened to helpful input from many of you, alongside members of our own team who live with Long Covid or ME/CFS.

We'll give more info in our blog post next week.

Visible Plus (beta)

We’ve also been working hard on developing Visible Plus, which we’re about to start testing with our Founding100 group.

If you’re signed up for the Visible Plus waitlist, we’ll be sending out an email soon, giving you the opportunity to access the beta version of Visible Plus before we make it publicly available.

As always, please do send across any feedback you have for Visible. We’ll always respond!

Wishing everyone a restful holiday period.



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